My baby boy and I are closing in on nine months of successful breastfeeding but unfortunately, that’s just the problem. Based on my first two babies, I planned for only a few months of nursing and that’s left me in dire need of new nursing-friendly unmentionables.  It would be even nicer if they were pretty too.

Enter the new Medela nursing camisole. Made of a cotton/bamboo blend in either black or white (no leopard prints, yay!), with non-scratchy lace trim, this cami not only makes it easy to feed my baby without baring my midsection, it’s the prettiest undergarment I’ve worn in the last eighteen months. I’m already a bamboo devotee, so I’ll always take the opportunity to sing the praises of this amazing fiber–eco-friendly, highly absorbent, and oh so soft.

Considering that my boy shows no signs of giving up on me just yet, I guess I’d better stock up. -Julie


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