The weather is finally turning cold here in Colorado, which means that it’s time to begin our annual battle over the thermostat.  My husband turns it up, I turn it down, and round and round we go until April.

I think I might have finally figured out a way to get him to wave the white flag of surrender: the Nuddle Blanket. Which is for us for a change, and not the kids.

This ultra-soft, super-plush microfiber blanket is like no blanket I’ve ever seen. First of all it has actual armholes so that I can read or type or sip a glass of wine while staying covered. Plus the lower hem is turned up to form a pocket for my feet. So smart! Creators Jenn and Todd Feldman have truly thought of everything–this is the smartest grown up blanket I’ve ever seen.

Too bad I’ve got to hand this wonderful blanket over to my thin-skinned husband. Maybe he’ll buy me one of my own for Christmas. -Julie


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