BabyBjorn did a really brilliant thing when they launched their fantastic, comfy new BabySitter Balance bouncy seat – they created an adult-size version and let the product review editors all sit in it. What they didn’t do is figure out a way to cajole us out of it when the event was over.

This is definitely the bouncy seat to covet for those of you who cringe at the scary neon fabrics from other manufacturers. Not only are the colors soothing and modern, the Babysitter Balance is incredibly thoughtfully designed. Basically a baby’s own kicking and bouncing activates it, helping to stimulate him during playtime, and soothe for naps. No batteries required. In fact, the pediatrician who helped developed it swears that those vibration features can create motion addicts (ahem, too familiar with that).

Other nice goodies: There’s an optional toy bar. It has three recline positions plus a compact fold so you can easily take it on weekend trips to Grandma’s. And you can reverse the fabric to “suit your decor”–but we all know that’s code for “if you’ve got a puker on your hands. –Liz

Good prices on the BabyBjorn BabySitter Balance at Amazon, and a full range of accessories at Giggle.

Congratulations to Claudine H, very lucky winner of her own BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance!

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