Now that I have two girls, I look at every article of clothing I buy as a future hand-me-down. But self-professed “fabriholic” Devorah Miller, designer behind Canada’s Red Thread Design, is one step ahead of me – she created a Catepillar Dress that actually looks great on both my 3 year-old and my 8 month-old at the same time.

My youngest can wear it as a dress with tights and little boots, and my oldest wears it like a tunic over jeans. Although  truth be told, she calls it a jumper. It helps her “jump really high” too.

Poke around the shop and you’ll find lots to love for little girls including beautiful shirtdresses, kimono jackets, tees and accessories, all with a pronounced Asian influence.There’s a nice little sales section too. Because the one thing better than getting one outfit to suit both of my girls is getting one for $10 off. –Liz

Free shipping and 10% off through 12/31 on orders of $100+ with code “coolmom”