Send Santa a video message for free
If there’s one thing I love about the holiday season, it’s that delightful little perk of being able to tell the kids they have to behave or Santa won’t bring them anything for Christmas. (Holiday blackmail: Just another service I offer as a mom.)

Thanks to TokBox‘s cool new live video calling service, I can keep the mythology going by letting them call Santa themselves. Free. We upload a video message for Santa, and they’ll get an actual personalized video from him right back! I hope he mentions the part about how he particularly loves children who are nice to their moms.

In the meantime, I can send holiday-themed video mail to all of my friends and family, and each time I do, TokBox donates a nickel to charity. That probably offsets the whole blackmail thing, karma-wise. I mean, I’m sure it does. -Mir

Ed: Cool alternative particularly if the snow kept you from getting to see the real Santa this weekend like us. Sniff. Sniff. -Liz

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