Baby monitor iPhone app
I remember that time we went to visit my folks for the holidays, and
in the midst of packing the presents and the pack-n-play, I somehow
forgot the baby monitor. Well, I was sure I’d hear the baby when she
woke up. But by the time I went to check on her I discovered that she’d
been screaming with indignation for long enough that I immediately
dissolved into a puddle of maternal guilt.

If you find yourselves out of town without a baby monitor but with internet access (thus, you are here), we have a great solution in CodeGoo’s Baby Monitor application for the iPhone.

For under five bucks you have a handy emergency monitor in your pocket, and as long as you can have your SigOth’s or someone else’s phone to send the “come and get me” call to, you’re good to go. Even if “go” only means downstairs for some adult conversation. -Mir

The iPhone Baby Monitor application is available through Code Goo.

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