Online scrapbooking at Scrapblog
When digital scrapbooking sites first started appearing, I remember thinking, “Huh. That’s a really good idea for non-crafty people like me who only deal with the computer. But I’m far too busy blogging to do anything like that.”

Printed digital scrapbook pages from Scrapblog
Enter Scrapblog. It’s online scrapbooking, sure, but it also works like a combination blog/slideshow so that you can easily share your creations with others, and they can leave you comments. (Comments! As in, every bloggers’ lifeblood.) When you’re feeling really industrious, you can print the pages out and have paper scrapbooks to share with those in your life who aren’t online 24/7, too. Should such a thing be possible.

Look, you’ve got tons of holiday pics of the kids, and probably even a New Year’s resolution to get more organized about preserving these important memories. This is definitely a great place to start. -Mir

Preserve your family photos with an online scrapbook from Scrapblog.

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