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The first DVD release from CMP fave Uncle Rock, Number 1 DVD: Live from Kidtopia is a great example that kids don’t need big, commercial, overproduced videos to fall in love a band, provided that band has half an ounce of talent. And in this case, talent is abundant.

This docu-style video of a live Uncle Rock show in Woodstock, NY starts strong with the bouncy, interactive Uncle Rock U and lets your kids know just the kind of concert video they’re in for. And that does not include one in which the singer mugs for the camera or condescends to your kids in a voice an octave too high. While Robert Burke-Warren plays his songs specifically to his live audience, his calls for them to stomp their feet or flap their wings or sing along “in your outside voices” will speak to your kids just the same.

My daughter was enraptured by the singer’s own school-age son Jack acting out Grumpy Gus on stage, but the tune that really got her wiggling around to the music was Rock N Roll Babysitter – coincidentally, my favorite too. At the end of the show, you’ll five music videos, each with that same not-so-slick, engaging style that sets the indie kids’ music artists apart from their more commercial peers.

This is the music you hope your kids will ask to listen to. The DVD should help. A lot. –Liz

Find Uncle Rock’s Number 1 DVD at CD Baby or see a few video previews on the Uncle Rock YouTube Channel.

Congratulations to Cindi H, lucky winner of an autographed copy of Uncle Rock’s DVD!

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