I haven’t packed a lunch in years thanks to my daughter’s half-day preschool, but I will soon, and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. Not just because of the time suck, but the amount of waste generated for a sandwich, some carrots and a couple of cookies.

Enter the reusable sandwich bags from 3greenmoms (update: Now renamed Lunchskins). These “lunch skins” will help you cut out lunch bag waste almost completely and they’re durable enough to be popped right in the dishwasher after use. Granted, you might have a to invest in a few before your kids (and spouse) remember to bring their reusable lunch bags home each day, but once you make the transition, you’ll be waste and guilt free.

lunchskins reusable snack bag
lunchskins reusible sandwich bag
lunchskins reusuable snack bags

Also make sure to check out the Lunchskins school fundraiser program. I’d much rather hawk eco-friendly plasticware and reusable grocery bags then stinky candles and giftwrap any day. -Kristen

Find these
reusable bags for sandwiches, snacks and even subs, online at www.lunchskins.com.