Magic Garden kids' show DVD
If you grew up anywhere around the NY area in the 70s, you understand that the proper response to How are you? Is I’m fine, me too, we’re fine and how are you. At least if you were like me and spent your afternoons glued to cult TV hit, The Magic Garden and memorizing all of the songs.

Well finally (finally!) The Magic Garden has been re-released by Koch Records as a 10 episode, 2-disc DVD set (with a CD too) called Carole and Paula in the Magic Garden, and I’m thrilled to say it’s held up pretty well in the past 30-something years. Oh sure, Carole and Paula’s Watergate-era haircuts are a bit dated, but the narratives, the acoustic songs, the puppets (Sherlock! Flapper!)  and the lessons taught are as relevant as ever.

If this was part of your own childhood you’ll want to grab a copy pronto. Even if it wasn’t, something tells me you’ll want it to be part of your kids’ lives. –Liz


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