ABC book: How to Build an A
How to Build an A is about the most fun you can have with an alphabet book. Because, just as author Sara Midda’s title says, kids can actually devote their time to creating letters out of the enclosed EVA foam pieces and not just reading about them.

Midda’s charming watercolor illustrations make the book worthwhile even without the “toy” aspect, but really, that’s the appeal here. While my three-year-old can already write out all the letters (brag alert, sorry) I think seeing how a B is really like an R, or how an A can become an H with a small adjustment, has been super helpful for visualizing each of the forms.

And now excuse me while we get back to my daughter’s other favorite book, How To Build a Carbine Engine. I thought she wouldn’t like that one until she turned four but…you know. Genius. –Liz

Find How to Build an A: An Alphabet Book by Sara Midda at Amazon or through Artisan Books

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