DC 24 share my inauguration
Wondering how to amply convey excitement and understanding about Obama’s historic inauguration for your children? Me, I’m going to click over to Share My Inauguration with my oldest daughter, and show her what it all looks like from a kid’s perspective.

Not just any kids mind you–these are two dozen fifth and sixth graders–“The DC-24”–hand-selected from one of Chicago’s toughest inner-city neighborhoods to trek down to Washington then blog and vlog their journey in a program sponsored by the non-profit McCormick Foundation.

The kids are not only experiencing their first inauguration and first TV news interviews, but in some cases, first plane rides and first hotel stays. (Remember what it was like to be 12 and a warm chocolate chip cookie in your hotel room was the equivalent of heaven?) Of course the real reason to love the site is observations like this one from six grader Tejavis’s blog post: I’m so very grateful and ecstatic to attend such a very special event…Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream has finally come true.

Pop over with your own kids and leave a supportive comment. Of course it will probably be about #647 on the list of cool things that the DC 24 experience today. –Liz

[via blogher]


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