Jimmies Bedhead music video for kids
Did I ever tell you that my oldest daughter is a music video star? Yep, it’s true. Check out the Bedhead video from the Jimmies, and at about 1:40 you’ll see her rocking out with a spiky red mohawk and huge smile.

You’ll find this and more at Jitterbug.tv, a new site focused exclusively on music videos “for hip kids.” Their list of kids’ musical artists include mainstays like Dan Zanes, Justin Roberts, Lisa Loeb and They Might Be Giants, but I really like that they include (relatively) smaller bands like CMP faves Princess Kate + Racer Steve, Frances England and The Sippy Cups. And because parents can’t live on kindie rock alone, you can also peruse TV favorites including Sesame
Street musical guest segments, and movie music with tracks from Mary Poppins and The
Sound of Music.

There’s not a whole lot of content yet from any one artist and I’m still hoping a few kinks get worked out. (Um, Randy Kaplan? Those aren’t videos.) It would also be nice if there were links back to the artists’ own websites or to a site like CD Baby for purchase. But let’s be honest, kids like music better when they can see it first. So anything that gives the Wiggles and the Barney soundtrack a run for their money is okey-doke by me. –Liz

Find a ton of music videos for kids at Jitterbug

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