Upcycled penguin stuffed animal
I wish I were one of those crafty types who could look at an old sweater and see more than a Goodwill deduction. If you’re Viola Hale of Viola Studio, you imagine adorable stuffed animals including elephants, puppies, pigs, and even a moose made out of cuddly recycled wool. I especially dig the matching gift cards that come with each one. Seriously too cute.

All of her upcycled softies will make you go ooohh with their waldorf-style faces and beautifully crafted bodies, but I know my Happy Feet obsessed toddler would go crazy for the stuffed penguin. Of course, these handcrafted toys aren’t priced to be dragged to the playground and tossed down the slide like any old stuffed creature. I’d put them on a high up bookshelf until the kids are old enough to love them properly. –Liz

Find adorable recycled wool dolls, stuffed animals and more at Viola Studio.


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