The Mighty B! kids' show on DVDI don’t watch a heck of a lot of kid TV, but I’ve been making an
exception for the new DVD release of We Got the Bee which features a
bunch of episodes from Nickelodeon’s series, The Mighty B!

Haven’t seen it yet? Let’s just say the heroine
of this show, Bessie Higgenbottom, is my kind of girl: Loud, lovable,
over-eager and hilariously over-the-top, all voiced with the perfect lisp by the ever-awesome Amy Poehler.

Unlike my two Girl Scouts
who gather badges and sell cookies with a sort of que sera sera
attitude, in her own “HoneyBee troop” Bessie is hyper-focused on becoming “The Mighty B!” which I take
to be
like the Grand Poobah with a cape and muscles. When the mean girls try to shun her, she continues to pursue them, undaunted,
like an eager (super eager) puppy.

It’s not an educational video — just a series that’s absolutely fun to watch
whether you are six or a few decades above that. And, as a mom to two
young girls, I am thrilled to see the awkward, awesome little girl
get to play the hero. –Christina

Grab a copy of We Got the Bee at Amazon or at the Nick Jr. store.

Congratulations to Ashley, Betty, Jennifer, Karli, and Susan – lucky winners of We Got the Bee!