Munchkin glass baby bottles - BPA-free
Thankfully, BPA free plastic baby bottles are now easy to find, but if you’ve decided to go the extra careful route and use glass bottles for your baby, you might find the search a little trickier.

Well now you can hop over to your local Target or click over to Amazon and snag a few Munchkin glass baby bottles. Available in both 4 oz and 8 oz sizes, they are not only completely BPA free, but at $3.99 each, they’re reasonably priced too. The bottles are smartly designed with a molded side for easy gripping, and the vented nipples that moms like to cut down on gas.

Also? Cute. A very important trait in a baby bottle as we all know.

If the glass bottles make you a little nervous like me, then make sure to snag a silicone bottle sleeve. And don’t let your toddler juggle them. -Kristen

Find Munchkin’s Mighty Grip glass baby bottles at Amazon. And for more wonderful baby gifts and gear, don’t miss our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide.

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