Custom notecards from Haute Note
I don’t care how many emoticons you use or how pithy an email you write, nothing will ever take the place of a thoughtful hand-written note. I still get a thrill when I receive an envelope in the mail from a friend, which is why I think the Signature Card series of eco-friendly custom notecards from Haute Note is so cool.

Their long, narrow design makes them really distinctive. I love that! And each set of 8 comes with 9 envelopes — they know me so well.  I was drawn to the “preppy with an attitude” look of the Kalidescope series, but I also loved their more playful choices like Best Friend which is perfect for kids, and Branches which would make a great hostess gift.

You can customize them on the website or keep it plain for a great all-purpose card. Either way, step away from the keyboard and pick up a pen. No doubt your friends’ inboxes are full enough already. -Betsy

Find the lovely modern notecards and other papergoods at Haute Note

Congratulations to lucky Haute Note winners Hyon-hee G, Julia L, Julie E, Kristi D, and Marcelle C!


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