Handmade goats' milk soapWhen I was in Maine a couple of years ago, I found the most incredible handmade goats’ milk soap at a farmer’s market. I’m such an idiot for not scribbling down the name, because I haven’t been able to track it down again. But recently, I found something equally as wonderful from just a few thousand miles down the road.

The ten-member Jonas family of Indiana makes delicious, all-natural goat milk soap from their very own prize Alpine dairy goats — so cool! I tried out some of my favorite flavors like lavender and grapefruit (I’m definitely not the rose patchouli type) and let me say that this scent snob was duly impressed. I’m eagerly awaiting honeysuckle which is only available seasonally.

If you don’t like scented soaps, check out the purity soap (delicious, seriously) or organic castile soap which are both a great choice for babies. They all come in the requisite farmer’s market-friendly little drawstring bag so grab a few and you’ve got a great hostess gift this summer in the $5 range.

By the way, don’t be deceived by the decidedly bare bones website. I think the family is too busy milking goats and tending to their eight kids to mess around with design. –Liz

Find an amazing assortment of handmade goat milk soap at the Goat Milk Stuff website or on the new Goat Milk Stuff etsy shop.

Congratulations to Cincy W, lucky winner of three bars of Goat Milk Soap!