The first thing I noticed about Colorado’s Sprig Toys is that they smell like fresh-cut wood, even while they look like strong molded plastic. Turns out I was right on both counts–their special “Sprigwood” is an eco-friendly, kid-safe material made from both recycled wood and reclaimed plastic.

The toy dump truck, excavator and loader have all the functionality of more expensive trucks, only with no paint to chip and no batteries to replace. And the Sprig Hollow line of toys come with detachable, waterproof tools like chunky shovels and rakes making them perfect for the beach.

This wonderful world of eco-toys comes courtesy of a team of hot toy designers who were disgusted by how most toys were being manufactured and decided to do better. My kids could care less about that, though; they just want to take the three Eco-Trucks to the backyard and dig up some rocks. –Christina

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Sprig Toys’ Dump Truck, Excavator and Loader are only $14.99 each at Amazon. Sprig Hollow’s Bee & Butterfly’s Farm, Farm Truck and Heli-Scoopter can be found at Fat Brain Toys.


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