The beautiful new collection of modern cards, announcements and invitations from Paper Culture have me as excited as any note cards we’ve seen in a while. And we see a whole lot of note cards so that’s saying something.

The baby announcements are a welcome change from the same old derivative designs we see pretty much everywhere, combining your own photo with sweet contemporary illustrations in color combos right out of the latest Wallpaper* magazine. There are also some fantastic kids’ birthday invitations (love that pirate!) and a great selection of personalized baby shower invitations that while modern, are still bound to make your guests go awwwwww.

And not a single wackadoodle curliecue eyeball-stabbing font to be found.

The company is so eco-friendly they purchase carbon offset credits, but even though Paper Culture cards and invitations are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, these are not anything like second-rate recycled paper greetings. The printing quality is so exquisite and the colors so crisp and lovely, I’m impressed right down to the elegant rounded corners.

Custom birth announcement from Paper Culture

If that’s not enough, for the price of the stamp, Paper Culture will address and mail your cards for you. If they only cleaned up after the party for me too I’d be buying stock. –Liz

Find modern birth announcements, invitations and cards at Paper Culture and to celebrate the grand opening, now save 25% off orders through May 31.