Baby Booties by Wombagully Wonders
My six-month old is at a point where she could use a little something on her feet other than socks, but doesn’t yet have a need for heartier leather (or fake leather) booties. Enter Wombagully Wonders cotton baby booties, handcrafted by Aussie mom Charlotte Northrope, and perfect for those in-between babies like mine.

The baby shoes feature cheerful cotton uppers and a soft microsuede sole for early walkers. I’m loving the adorable apples (pictured), but am also digging the bluebirds and the vintage Japanese fabric booties.

Similar in style to various more popular leather baby booties, these cloth baby booties stay on quite well, but let my baby’s feet breathe a little better, which pretty important for what is looking to be a very hot southern summer. -Kristen

Visit Wombabully Wonders for a wide selection of boys’ and girls’ soft soled baby booties.

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