Baby gifts from Angel Dear
I just opened the baby onesies that came in from the mail from Angel Dear and suddenly I found I had a little catch in my throat. Something about the teeny teeny little size and that tag reading newborn just made me all sentimental for the days that my girls were just squirmy little things.

These are just the sweetest little cotton jersey onesies, featuring a bird pulling a pennant that spells out boy, girl, or baby. There’s even little embroidery detailing around the silkscreening which make this really special at any price. But they’re not any price — they’re just $15 and come packaged in their own little envelopes ready to mail to every long-distance pregnant friend you’ve got.

Look around the site and you’ll find a lot to get all oodgie about. Amidst the higher end baby baby clothes that are new for spring, I spotted a keepsake baby gift box that contains three lovely little embroidered onesies – $20 flat. Which just goes to prove you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a pregnant lady all choked up. And really, that’s kind of the point. –Liz

Find beautiful baby clothes and gifts at Angel Dear and with your order of the
“pop it in the mail”  onesie, get a free rattle, PLUS a 10% discount on your next order of $50. Just mention Cool Mom Picks in comments at checkout.

Congratulations to Lisa C, Molly S, and Heather T – lucky winners of the “pop it in the mail onesies”!

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