Giftybox Adventure Box for Father's DayEvery year I struggle with what to get my husband for Father’s Day. You’d think that after seven years of parenting together I’d know what would make this particular dad’s day, but the only surefire hit I’ve found so far is a 12-pack of craft beer.

That is, until I checked out the Adventure Box from experience gift purveyor Giftybox. For one really reasonable price (really! Just $89 for the standard edition), the lucky recipient can choose from literally dozens of different activities, a guide to explain them all, plus an additional $80 worth of coupons towards adventur-y stuff. Scanning the list of experience gifts myself, I was really surprised by the variety — hang gliding, whitewater rafting, wilderness survival. I would totally want to tag along for some of these experiences, and in fact I can, for an additional fee.

If adventure isn’t for your guy, there are all sorts of boxes at Giftybox from classes and workshops to spa services for men. This is supreme gift-giving fabulosity.

Any guy who can’t find something cool in this gift is probably a pretty boring dude who deserves one of those musical Father’s Day ties decorated with glitter glue. Just saying. -Julie

Check out the Adventure Box and tons of other cool experience gifts at Giftybox.

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