jimmy choo shoesI have a dream: I want someone to go into my closet, take a look at what I have, and then tell me what else I need. And of course, I want suggestions that work with what I’m already wearing, and that are cool and fun, and maybe, just maybe, are on sale.

Can you imagine? Well, now you can: Covet does just that for you.

This new personal shopping website uses a quick photo quiz to determine your style; you choose which celebrity look is closest to your look. (I found myself choosing a lot of Lindsay Lohan, though, solely because the other option was even more not me.) The quiz pegged me as a “contemporary party girl,” which I found a little baffling because, well, I’m not. But once you’re registered at the site, you can manually manipulate your style profile, so I was able to trade for “classic preppy” (description: “J. Crew thanks you for your support” — yep, that sounds about right).

Covet then guides you through a menu where you specify colors, styles and brands you do not like and leave what you do; the site uses all that information to cull sales options for you and email them to you as often as you choose. It’s the best of sale shopping without ever leaving the sofa. Perfect. – Susan (our brand new ultra fab style-maven CMP contributor. Whoo!)

[photo: jimmy choo]

Extra cool: Right now, registering at Covet.com enters you in their $50,000
cash sweepstakes
. Enter through August 15, 2009, and start thinking about what you’re coveting.