To do list organizer by Whomi
I am a list junkie, only the problem is that I tend to jot stuff down one place and lose it or write everything on one endless list so it looks like I need to buy bananas, milk and my pap smear results. Not good.

That’s why I love the Shop Call Do Pads from Whomi.

A spiral-bound notebook holds separate pads, each in a different color, so that you can put your shopping list one place and the phone calls you need to make on another. It’s a much saner (and less potentially embarrassing) way of staying on top of your endless lists.

So grab the back of an envelope, or tear off the corner of a magazine, and put “get the Shop Call Do Pads from Whomi” at the the top of your last disorganized to-do list ever. -Betsy

Find lots of organizational solutions at Whomi.

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