Grandma Minnie's Hand Sanitizer
I’m more anti-bacterial phobic than germophobic, preferring regular soap and water over anything much stronger. That said, with paranoia-inducing Swine Flu stories taking over our local news in recent months, I’ve dialed up the use of hand sanitizers around these parts. And I know I’m not alone, since our local CVS has been out of them for weeks.

I’m glad to have recently found a smart option in Grandma Minnie’s Hand Sanitizer from VMV Hypoallergenics. I was introduced to it by Tim Ettus, dad and owner of the excellent green boutique Greeno Bambino and after trying it out, I can see why he’s a fan of this very cool company.

Everything in the line is free of all 65 known allergens including fragrances, parabens and phthalates, which is always nice when you’re talking about stuff that goes on your baby’s skin. But I really like that instead of harsh chemicals and alcohol, the hand sanitizer uses a naturally anti-bacterial ingredient derived from coconut, with what they claim are the same results.

I can’t vouch for the germ killing power, not having a degree in biology or a high-powered microscope in my purse, but I’ll go with the fact that their stuff is tested like crazy and has been for 30 years. And that it doesn’t seem to dry out my skin. And that it it’s good for kids 0 and up. Which is perfect. Because my germy kids are in fact 0 and up. –Liz

Find VMV Hypoallergentics Grandma Minnie’s Kid Gloves Hand Sanitizer and other wonderful eco products at Greeno Bambino

Congratulations to Kraig H, lucky winner of the $50 gift certificate to Greeno Bambino!

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