P'Kolino's Book BuggeeWhen my son was younger, he’d shuffle around the house balancing a stack of his favorite books in his overloaded arms. I was thrilled to have raised a mini bibliophile, but after seeing countless board books tumbling onto his little toes, we both could have used P’Kolino’s cool looking Book Buggee.

The Book Buggee is unlike any pull toy you’ve ever seen. As a mom, I love how easily and neatly a toddler can slide a few books into the finger-like spokes along with a favorite animal or sippy cup up front. Plus I appreciate that the light-colored wheels aren’t going to leave black smudges all over my floor. But what caught my eye first was the modern style and cheerful orange color that I won’t mind in any room of my house.

At under $40, I think we’ve now got all our one year-old birthday gifts locked this year.  –Christina

You’ll find the Book Buggee ready to ship at P’Kolino’s website.

Congratulations to Megan C, lucky winner of a P’Kolino Book Buggee!