Teeny Tags kids' ID tags from Mabel's LabelsCamp season is nearly upon us, at least for some lucky mamas. The first place we tend to think to see what’s new in the exciting world of labels is CMP reader fave Mabel’s Labels.
Their newest offerings are the Teeny Tags, colorful mini 1.2″ ID tags personalized with up to 60 characters. You could do your kid’s name, phone number, address, or just initials and one of fifty cute icon – my daughter has a guitar on hers. (Had to nix the princess crown. I know, I’m a horrible mom.)

These ID tags are really smart for labeling backpacks and lunch totes because they’re easily spotted and you don’t have to ruin the fabric with some sort of sticker or patch. Plus they just look cool. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that back in the day, our own parents used to be
satisfied with a black permanent marker. –Liz

Find ID tags, camp labels and more at Mabel’s Labels.

Congratulations to Barbara B and Andrea S, lucky winners of a set of Teeny Tags!