kid A collective dress
I have two boys, and while I adore them, I’ve always felt like I missed out a little when it comes to shopping, because boys really get the short end of the stick for play clothes. I’m especially feeling that way now that I’ve seen the beautiful dresses from kid a collective.

Each little smock dress is hand-made of all-natural materials; the colors are bright and fun and the patterns are a perfect mix of retro cool and kid-appropriate. The fabrics are all prewashed to minimize shrinking and fading. And the construction and attention to detail is amazing; honestly, each dress is like a wee work of art.

Best of all, though, is this: As beautiful as these dresses are (and truly, they are stunning) they’re designed to be play clothes. There is nothing fussy or high-maintenance about them, and the fabric is soft and sturdy. The smock style dress is versatile, too — when your little girl outgrows it as a dress, pair it with leggings or jeans as a funky top. –Susan

Congratulations to Amy T, lucky winner of this beautiful dress from kid a collective!

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