Ideal Bite - easy green living
My crush on Ideal Bite began with the first sentence of their philosophy: If we all knew what we could do in the day to day to impact the planet and our communities in a positive way, we’d do it.

I used to say that I would live a greener life if only it wasn’t so expensive to do so. Then a lot of the more eco-friendly products came down in price, and I started being able to afford a bit more, but then it became an issue of time. There are barely enough hours in the day to get a good night’s sleep; I’m supposed to be researching companies’ business practices in my copious spare time, too?

And that’s where Ideal Bite comes in – -they’ll share one tip per day by email or on their site about a simple, inexpensive way to green your life. Kind of like Daily Candy for the eco set (right down to the illustration style which is a bit…familiar).

Along with the general tip of the day there are versions for different cities plus one for moms. And none of this “turn off the light when you leave the room” sort of obvious stuff, either, but info on the real environmental impact of switching to organic ice cream, and which brands are yummiest.

Quick, easy, and green. Some might say it’s ideal. -Mir

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