LolligiftWith a child heading to second grade next year (how did that happen already?), I’m well-versed in the usual procedure of collecting money for a group teacher gift.  Problem is, we’re still doing it the same way we did it when I was a kid: Everybody sends in five bucks and one parent buys a gift card with all the dough.

Next year, I’m going to strongly suggest that we use lolligift instead.  An online “social gifting” service, Lolligift makes the process of pooling funds practically effortless.  I love that all I have to do is send a few bucks via PayPal or credit card (plus a teeny service fee) instead of remembering to hand my daughter the money and then hoping that she hands it over to the right person.  When all the funds have been collected, the money is turned over to the organizer through a PayPal transfer or a free check.

By the way, it’s also great for end of the summer camp counselor gifts, or trying to wrangle the cousins to go in on something special for your grandparents’ 75th anniversary. 

And call me anti-social, but I also love that I can turn off all notifications for the Lolligift Gift Pools I’m in.  That’s not an option on those email trails with people who haven’t yet mastered the nuances of “reply all”. -Julie

Organize a group gift collection at Lolligift