Sunflow Under the Stars lullaby CD
Now that it’s still light at bedtime, my kids are bouncing off the walls when I try to tuck them under their covers at night. I need help, and I’ll take it in the form of Sunflow’s latest CD, the lullaby collection Under the Stars. It’s totally different than what I usually spin, but seeing as my CD collection is more suited for bouncing off the walls, this is a lovely alternative to me yelling go to sleep already!

Sunflow’s duo Fran King and Nancy Falkow are based out of Dublin but don’t expect to hear any Irish jigs. Instead, think Acoustic Lullaby Pop, or calming music full of pitch-perfect singing and tender lyrics that will hopefully erase any worries about what’s under the bed. I hear shades of Paul McCartney and Joni Mitchell throughout this CD, but even if you aren’t fans of that music, I think you and your kids will especially love Nancy’s smooth-as-silk voice in songs like I Wish You Love and Now Sleep.

With lyrics like All that you need/is all that I’ve got for you your kids can fall asleep knowing that you’ll be there for them when they need that fifth glass of water. -Christina

[thanks Cecily!]

Sunflow’s Under the Stars is available at It’s About Music and CD Baby.

Congratulations to Julia L, lucky winner of a copy of Under the Stars!


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