Child's silhouette portrait with modern printMy refrigerator is a time capsule of my son’s life to date, covered with school pictures that show how much he’s changed over the years. Especially the awkward ones. Unfortunately, each one is pretty much a glorified mug shot, only with a soft-focus forest in the background.

I would love to fill out the collection with the custom silhouette portraits from STELLA+HODGE, which lend a great modern twist to a traditional technique. Devon Adrian, a super talented graphic artist, transforms your digital pix into timeless works of art on heavy archival paper, and even designs the colorful, patterned backgrounds herself.

With each custom silhouette print only $30, I imagine what an amazing gift these would make. And best of all, there will be no angry teenagers down the road asking you how you could have let them wear that hideous shirt. -Betsy

Find modern custom silhouette portraits
–and beautiful notecards too!–at STELLA+HODGE