Patemm pad baby changing pad / play mat
The cult favorite Patemm pad was one of the first products we ever featured on Cool Mom Picks, back when we all had one kid a piece and were astonishingly better rested. Since then, we’ve added to our own broods while Pattem has extended their line of super smart round changing pads to include organic, and now laminated versions.

Once you get your hands on a Patemm pad diaper changing mat, you may never go back to the regular old ones. The round shape gives you a bit more coverage for those roly poly babies, and they offer a great mini play space for picnics that’s more padded and, let’s face it, cleaner than the ground. Plus they’re free of chemicals like PVC, BPA, lead, and formaldehyde (ew!), and the lamination makes for even easier clean up.

What’s particularly cool is that Patemm pads fold to become their own little bag with space for wipes, diapers, and other essentials, thanks to strategically-placed pockets. It’s not surprising that it’s one of the handiest baby gear items I own and still use, three kids later. -Kristen

Visit Patemm and check out their extensive collection of unique diaper changing pads, and get 20% off your order through 3/31/10 with discount code “GREEN”

Congratulations to Sandra D, lucky winner of the organic Kinaban pad from Patemm!

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