Cookies For Me gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free cookiesYou’re lucky she isn’t allergic to gluten. . .that allergy sucks, the
guy at Whole Foods said, as I looked for milk-free treats for my oldest.
And, I have to agree that in the world of food allergies, short of the real life-threatening ones, I feel worst
for the gluten-allergic kids who have to endure sawdust-textured treats.

But, I believe the playing field has been leveled now that I’ve taste-tested all of the incredible goodies
from Cookies. . . For Me? which are not only gluten-free,
but egg-free, milk-free and nut-free too.

The company has one of those awesome backstories that demands a
Lifetime movie: Pennsylvania mom Jamie gives birth to twin boys,
one of whom is diagnosed with Celiac disease. This determined mama vows to make it her life’s work to create
treats her little boy can eat, and soon her business grows from her kitchen to a dedicated facility.

If I made a cameo in the movie,
you’d see me gushing over the cookies made with natural and organic ingredients: How does she do it?, I’d wonder aloud, mouth full of a scrumptious Lemon Iced Sugar Cookie.

I am amazed that Cookies. . . For Me? baked goods still have that
chewy texture I want in a substantial frosted cookie or
super chocolate-y brownie even without the gluten. The only item in our batch that did crumble a
bit were the brownie bites which were delicious, but left a puddle of
chocolate crumbs on the kitchen table. I had to ignore the looks my
kids gave me when I bent over to lap them up.  But who in their right
mind would waste perfectly good brownie crumbs? -Christina

You’ll find gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free and nut-free cookies and brownies at Cookies. . . For Me?.