Hellomellow natural skin care products
Let me start off with the disclaimer: Shea butter scares me.

I have tried out any number of shea butter moisturizers for review because I hear of its miraculous benefits, and yet one leaves me feeling slimier and smellier than the next. So when I hear about a product with _____ butter in it, I’m a little hesitant.

Well yay for Hellomellow and its founder, massage therapist Tracy Feldstein, for giving me a delicious alternative with 100% natural skin care products that make use of avocado and mango butter instead. They make a body butter (paraben-free!) that’s just the right texture, just the right thickness, just the right not-slimy. And oh my lord do these products all smell scrumptious.

Aromatherapeutic blends like Relax, Balance and my favorite, Rejuvenate are all right up a frazzled mom’s alley. But if your skin is already as moisturized can be (in which case, damn you)  the same scents are available as body scrub or even lip balm. If you can’t choose, go for one of adorably presented gift sets — especially nice if you’ve got a shower coming up or a weekend invitation with your mother-in-law.

Now there’s a reason to get a whole case of the Relax stuff right there. –Liz

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Congratulations to Bonnie W, lucky winner of the “Your Secret Weapon” set!

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