Baby Kaed Noimoi diaper bagAll this back to school shopping for my daughter has gotten in the mood for fall. And for me, that means pulling out my favorite boots and looking for a brand new diaper bag.

We’re already huge fans of the Baby Kaed bags from mom Lavinia Lobo, and now her new Noimoy diaper bag, with the fashionable quilted faux leather, is the perfect fall bag for moms like me who like the roominess and pockets of a diaper bag, but don’t need to haul their entire nursery with them. In fact, it’s a great for moms of toddlers who still need to carry a few diapers, wipes, and sippy cups, but not the other 30 things babies seem to need when we’re out.

Like all of the Baby Kaed diaper bags, the Noimoy costs far less than comparable diaper bags which are often in the $300+ range, and this diaper bag is certainly worth its price when you consider it comes with a ton of handy accessories, including a changing pad, wipes case, wet bag, cell phone case, and pacifier purse.

The best part is, take all that baby stuff out and no one would know the Noimoy bag was a diaper bag to begin with. -Kristen

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Congratulations to Colleen J, lucky winner of the Noimoy bag!