Nursing mother - World Breastfeeding Week
It’s not like we needed any sort of excuse to tell you about all the amazing breastfeeding products out there, but since it’s World Breastfeeding Week, we figured we’d celebrate by picking our all time favorites. Go Boobs!

Nursing bras and tanks – Lifting them up where they belong

Since the “girls” need all the support they can get while you’re
breastfeeding, check out our very favorite stylish nursing bras from Bella Materna,
which actually lift and contain. And while they might not give you
well-endowed mamas the greatest support, we’ve found that nursing
tanks, like the Medela Nursing Camisole or the Glamourmom tanks help make boob access a lot easier and a little more discreet.

The coolest breast pumps and accessories

If you love to multitask like us, you’ll want to grab the amazing Medela Hands Free breast pump. If you’ve already got a working breast pump, a Pumpease hands free pumping bra will do just the trick. Both definitely keep pumping from being too draining. (Ha!)

AmuseMe Baby Nursing Cover
Nursing cover-ups

all for whatever accessories help you feel more comfortable
breastfeeding. f you’re a little nervous about doing it in public, an AmuseMe Baby nursing cover (right) will definitely help cover you up in style. Also, invest in a few great nursing tops, like the casual breastfeeding shirts from Boob or Momzelle (above) If you’re needing to get out of your yoga pants uniform, the Isabella Oliver nursing tops are super stylish.

Taking care of breastness

Sore breasts are a royal pain in the you know what, but thanks to Blossumz breast therapy packs (left)

blossumz breast care
you can find quick relief. A great nursing pillow, like the Blessed Nest Organic Pillow can help give your back and arms much needed support. And instead of using the paper breast pads, try a set of bamboo breast pads. They’re washable and eco-friendly, plus way softer on your nipples.

Breastfeeding help from the experts

Don’t be embarrassed if you need a little how-to help for breastfeeding. We love Andi Silverman’s Mama Knows Breast, a simple, basic beginner’s guide to all things breastfeeding. And if you need a little pick-me-up, then we suggest adding If These Breasts Could Talk to your list. The silly comic strips and funny lists are a great way to pass the time during feedings or long pumping sessions.

Want more great breastfeeding supplies and resources? Hit our archives and search for nursing.


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