Noko Baby Yama Dress
My husband and I are going to be finalizing the adoptions of our two daughters at the end of August. I would love to get them some beautiful dresses or outfits for this special day but I want them to be equally appropriate for when we have our daughters baptised and when we take our first official family picture. -Kait

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What an exciting way to end the summer, Kait. Huge congratulations! 

Now when it comes to more classic special occasion dresses for girls , you’ll find a lovely selection at Bean New York, plenty of which are white and might work well for the official adoption as well as the baptism. The Ruffles Linen dress looks equally fancy, and comfy, which is always a good thing when you’re dressing up kiddos.

If you’re a bit more flexible in terms of color, then make sure to visit Noko Baby. The gorgeous, Asian inspired dresses, like my fave the Yama dress (shown here) are to die for. You could purchase two similar dresses, or even buy the same dress in two different colors.  -Kristen

Find more special occasion dresses when you search our kids’ clothes archives. 


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