string doll gang fairyEmo String Doll
These days, not everyone wants (or needs) to spend money on a brand new backpack or lunchbox for the kids each school year. So I like the idea of finding those fun little doodads that help liven up backpacks and make them feel new again.

If you’re looking for a personalized touch, you absolutely have to check out the keychain-style, handmade String Doll Gang which are great for grade-schoolers who won’t try and eat the wires and googly-eyes. I am just bonkers over the hilarious characters, each of whom have their own “special power.”

string doll astronautThere’s a princess and an astronaut and a pirate named Iron Davey and a soccer player named Kicky who can be seen on our Back to School shopping guide. But I like the wackier characters like Farmer Jones who “helps you make greener choices,” a caped pink swine named Super Piggy, the mohawked Sid who “protects you against people who have bad taste in music,” and E-Moe (hilarious!) who “feels sad so you don’t have to.”

If they deliver such magic as promised, I just may need a few for my own bag. –Liz