As a child, I’d spend three long days driving to visit my grandmother each summer and, out of boredom, would pretend my bare hands and feet were puppets. Pretty pathetic, but times were tough and it was too hot in our hatchback to go the sock-puppet route. So perhaps that is why I feel such fondness for such adorable, portable and imaginative little finger puppets like these new ones from mom-run Muddy Cloud.

You may recognize the unique characters Joop, Balob and their crew since we’ve long been fans of these fleecy creatures whose semi-abstract look practically begs for you to make up a back story–are they aliens, animals or friendly monsters?

I’d stuff the five finger puppets into a diaper bag or keep them in my car for those times when boredom sets in. Put one on each finger or split them up among the kids. With no removable eyes or accessories, even little ones could play with these critters.

Muddy Cloud’s finger puppets may be brand new, but I’m pretty certain my sister, who had to share the crowded back seat with me, wishes I had them back in ’73. –Christina

Muddy Cloud’s new finger puppets can be purchased individually, but get the whole set for the most story-telling fun.

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