Cool baby hats, stuffed dolls by Muddy Cloud
Babies look cute in hats with bear ears. They just do. That’s the rule. But the truth is, babies also look cute in hats with Joop ears, Balob ears and Tada ears.

And if you have any idea what I’m talking about you’re evidently familiar with the brand kids label, Muddy Cloud. Designer Joy Limanon Anaya and her husband Matt have created this family of five colorful, Teletubby-esque soft fleece dolls, each of which coordinates with a hat and pair of mittens in the same color and shape.

Adorable factor aside (and boy are they adorable), the fleece hats and mittens are thick and warm. The “Beep” set in fact got my toddler through this weekend’s snowstorm complete with angel-making and snowball hurling. And that’s saying something. –Liz

Congratulations to lucky winners Rachel A, Leta H, Laura C, Gretchen Z, and Jean H!


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