Man Bait Maple Bacon LollipopsBacon is the new black, it would seem, and everywhere I look (least of all our own fridge) there is someone proudly proclaiming his or her love for the stuff. So I wasn’t entirely surprised to have found a number of bacon-oriented gourmet items at the Fancy Foods Show this year, and at the top of my list were the Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops from CMP fave Das Foods.

Before you say ew, just remember how much kids love dipping their bacon in maple syrup with their pancakes. The combo totally works in that salty-sweet, chocolate-pretzel sort of way. I wouldn’t exactly swap them out for for kids’ flavors, but I might give them out to the adults on Halloween. (Or um, Gay Pride Day. Considering the name and all.)

The company also has other gourmet lollipops including an outrageous salty caramel–seriously, seriously amazing– and a lemon-ginger that would be a dandy gift for pregnant friends.

But you know, today is not National Lemon Ginger day. It’s National Bacon Day. Go on, live a little. –Liz

Find Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops online from Das Foods