My daughters attend a school that requires uniforms: Khaki pants and navy blue shirts.  They can wear any solid navy top — no logos or words, and no polos.  Any creative suggestions for some cute tunics, or tees, cardigans? -Shannon

Navy blue top by Nest Organics - perfect for for back to schoolI admit I’m a little jealous, Shannon, since my daughter is stuck with a pretty strict uniform for school. Finding a few options other than the typical polo is a nice way to let your kid’s express their style within the confines of the school uniform policy.

A lot of navy can be found in so-called “unisex” sections, so our first thought was to check CMP fave Polarn O. Pyret. Turns out they do have a bunch of options, including a ridiculously cute navy cotton tunic for girls. It’s super versatile and would definitely jazz up a plain old pair of khakis.

Another great pick is the Nest organic ruffle tee (shown) at Olliebollen which is currently 33% off. It’s available in both long and short sleeves and is a nice alternative to the plain old navy t-shirt.

Of course there are always the big mall stores which tend to do a good job with basics. Hanna Andersson currently has an appealing fall sale going on with solid tees reduced as low as $14.

If you’re still stuck, make sure to flip through our kids’ clothing archives for some of our favorite online boutiques or hit the stores in our Back to School Shopping Guide, many of whom have offered terrific discount codes that expire soon. -Kristen

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