Eco Tools cosmetic brushes with sustainable bamboo handles
There are eco options for pretty much everything these days, including some that never crossed my mind at all. Like, say, cosmetic tools? Turns out those blush brushes and eyebrow groomers aren’t always so nice to mama earth. Or so says EcoTools.

They make their brushes using a synthetic takon bristle and while I always have heard that sable is “best,” I honestly don’t notice any significant difference after spending a few weeks trying out the tapered foundation brush. Maybe professional makeup artists do, but I don’t. I will say the eye shadow brush isn’t ideal for piling on the pigment, but if you use a lighter touch with your eye makeup, it does a fine job.

Aside from the bristles, he handles are made of sustainable bamboo and even that little aluminum ring thingie along the band is recycled. And the company is a member of 1% for the Planet, which is always nice.

If you’re ready to upgrade your brushes or looking for a cool gift for your save the planet fashionista friend, this is a very nice option. Especially with a five-piece cosmetic brush set in the $10 range at Target. Now go get your face on. –Liz

Find EcoTools
cosmetic brushes at stores including Target, Rite-Aid and our affiliate Amazon


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