halloween party invitationI am a total Halloween loving dork, and if I had more hours in my day, I’d be That Mom who does the whole crazy haunted house thing, throws the awesome costume party, and gives out the best candy. I’d also be the mom who gets my you know what together in time to send out cool invitations, and I love this modern, graphic Halloween invitation from Red Stamp.

The price is quite nice for a personalized, printed card, but if you like the boxed sets where you can write in the info yourself, they have a nice selection of those too. Order them now while everything in the shop is on sale for 20% off. But don’t pick up your candy until the very last minute. Or so say my thighs. –Liz

Right now all the beautiful cards, stationery and invitations at Red Stamp are 20% off through 9/20 with code ALLFOR20