Pyrex BPA-free food storage container
A handful of readers have written to us asking for BPA-free food storage options, and I think it’s so great that there’s such heightened awareness of safety issues surrounding some plastics that manufacturers are responding. Case in point: The new BPA-free food storage containers from Pyrex.

I’ve always had a thing for US-made Pyrex ever since my culinarily-obsessed dad lectured me about its virtues back in college, and I’m glad to see they’re keeping what works, and evolving what doesn’t.

When you look at the lines, the shapes of these oven-safe glass storage containers are actually really clean and modern. But what’s particularly cool is that the baking set comes with two lids – a hefty, glass lid you can use in the oven (or that looks quite nice at the table), and then a red-orange BPA-free silicone lid for hauling your lasagna to the pot luck, or storing it in the fridge later when you realize four other moms made lasagna too.

Given the choice, eat the lasagna that wasn’t heated up in a plastic baking pan. Seriously. –Liz

Find a full selection of BPA-free food storage from Pyrex at Shop World Kitchen. And to learn more about BPA in plastics, check out the Enivronmental Working Group website.

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