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When people ask for my two cents about something it’s like catnip. I love giving my opinion on things. Well, whatever is considered a step above catnip, for opinion-givers like myself, Noesis is it.

The business was started by mom of three Lynn Casey, and the idea is simple: Sign up and then you may be asked to sample a product, go to a movie screening, or even host an event in your home, after which you take an online survey about it. Your opinion can play an important role in improving a product you use, or helping big brands better understand what you want and what you don’t. And sometimes there are more rewards than that — in a recent survey for a salad dressing 7 participants won 100
bucks. And to think I’ve been giving my opinion away for free all these

But to be clear, this is really a thing to do for those of us who love to be in-the-know (or know-it-alls), not as a way to earn a living.

Noesis wants hear from everyone, so even your husband, child over 6, and mother-in-law can sign up. I’ll hold the mother-in-law opinion joke. -Betsy

Become a Noe-it-All at Noesis.

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