OneHope pink ribbon wineIt’s October (holy cow) and as most of you know, this means Breast Cancer Awareness month. And that means 600,472 products jumping on the pink ribbon bandwagon. Some are awesome. Some are not. And we do our best to try and pare them down for you.

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We thought it would be fun to kick things off by introducing you to the very cool OneHope Wine. If you’re hosting some kind of breast cancer fundraiser, or having a celebratory dinner with your mom the tough-as-nails survivor, we can’t think of a better beverage to serve. The 2007 Sonoma Chardonnay is fairly decent – not a Wine Spectator 99, but not one of those awful oaky blends either. If you’re a major wine snob it’s not for you, but it has won its share of awards and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

What’s best however is that a full 50% off the profits go to Susan G. Komen, and OneHope is a pretty cool company in its own right. And if you like the idea, OneHope also makes wines to support other causes like a Sauvignon Blanc to save the American Forest and a cab for autism charities. I’ll drink to that. –Liz

Find an online retailer  and purchase OneHope wine to support breast cancer research – if you’re in one of the 33 states that allows such things.