Pat the Beastie children's bookPat the Bunny is the essential baby gift book for about a zillion people–including me–so it’s not surprising that it’s spawned a number of parodies. Now there’s one more to add to the list: The very funny Pat the Beastie.

Henrik Drescher’s outrageous “pull and poke book” is actually a cautionary tale about being nice to pets, although kids may be too busy jiggling the beastie’s eyes or pulling out his worm boogers (seriously, ew) along with Paul and Judy to get the message.

This isn’t one for kids who are easily freaked out, but my two and four year-old are a little dark and think it’s hilarious. Especially the part where you play peek-a-boo with Beastie, and draw back the orange curtain to reveal him taking a bath–and a rightfully annoyed at the intrusion. Who wouldn’t laugh at that six hundred times in a row? –Liz

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